No hay política sin comunicación.

Pero no estamos en el imperio de la comunicación.

Es sólo la política junto a la comunicación.

Es la política con comunicación.

Mario Riorda
Poder Comunicar (o la comunicación del poder)

Hey, Ideologies exist! Political Communication and political campaigns in Latin America

This is a book for the academy.
This is a book for politics.
This is a book for journalism and for interested citizens.

Basically, a book for political consulting, because the fragility of arguments only produce barely plausible diagnosis and serious political effects.

This is the first study compared in a big scale from political communication that provides enough and testable evidence about the ideological nature of political speeches during the campaign in Latin America.

Starting from this basic question: What do we understand from the word ideology?, it identifies the variables that determinate the existence of an ideological attribute in a speech, based on linguistic and non-linguistic elements that the candidate displays in campaign. It compares the campaign speeches of 38 presidential campaigns in 18 Latin American countries, considering the key oratory pieces of the presidential candidates, the advertising spots from each candidate and selecting slogans and the key topics of the speeches.

The book has two objectives: On one hand, obtain the characterization of the most recent presidential campaigns in Latin America, to observe the dominant tendency in the speech. On the other hand, it tries to build an important analysis instrument that will allow us to confirm not only the presence of ideological components in these speeches, but also to use it in other future political analysis.

Among the main findings, in a tendency mode, the first and most evident finding is that ideologies are present in presidential campaigns in Latin America. That implies that political campaign communication does not dispense from the ideological discourse, it exists and it is more alive than ever.

Mario Riorda is a political consultant for Latin American governments and political parties. He was the dean of Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the UCC. He is specialized in the management of political crisis. He teaches graduate seminars or training courses on topics of political communication in a large amount of countries. Among his last publications we can find: La construcción del consenso. Gestión de la comunicación gubernamental (2006), La conquista del poder: campañas y elecciones presidenciales en América Latina (2008), La gestión del disenso: la comunicación gubernamental en problemas (2011), Manual de comunicación política y estrategias de campaña: candidatos y electores en una nueva era (2011).

Marcela Farré has a PhD in Social Communication. As a teacher and researcher she specialized in the analysis of the media discourse. She was awarded by Consell del’ Audiovisual de Cataluña for her research of the news discourse (2001). At present, she is Academic Coordinator of Directors of careers in Universidad Siglo 21 and and is a teacher of la Escuela de Posgrados de Comunicación de la Universidad Austral. Among her publications we can highlight: El noticiero como mundo posible (2004), Medios de comunicación y protesta social (2004), Calidad televisiva. Tendencias y valores en la programación argentina (2005), El candidato marca: cómo gestionar la imagen del líder político (2008).

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